A CGI speaker created as part of the brand development wrk for Seawave Acoustic A CGI speaker created as part of the brand development wrk for Seawave Acoustic
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Brand development is about creating something that resonates with your audience to propel your business forward, it’s also often a matter of personal taste. This is never more true than in the world of audio where complex technology meets intense passion. And of course in business, as in all things, like attracts like.

We attract an international clientele who provide beautiful, intelligent or innovative audio-related products, services and experiences. It’s probably because we’re motivated by the same vision – an urge to do something beyond the ordinary and predictable.


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Vitus Audio,

Ask the CEO of Vitus Audio, Hans-Ole, to sum up his company’s ethos and he simply says, ‘We put technology at the service of the music.’ Although a trained electronics engineer, he has never lost sight of the primary purpose of audio equipment – namely to create the most natural and faithful reproduction of a musical performance that technology allows.

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“We put technology at the service of the music”
Hans Ole Vitus | Founder of Vitus Audio
A picture of the Vitus Audio SIA-030 created as part of the brand development work for the company

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Seawave Acoustic,
South Korea

Seawave Acoustic is the brainchild of our CEO Bo San, a practising Korean Buddhist monk. He became fascinated by the subtleties of sound quality while recording his teacher, the grand master Gu-san, disseminating his teachings to his followers. Seawave Acoustic were looking for a brand development agency to take their product to an international audience.

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“It was an absolute pleasure working with the team at BAAAM. The rebranding they provided us with exceeded expectations”
Justin Lewins | Founder JSL ALPAC
Seawave Acoustic loudspeaker rendered using CGI as part of the brand development work undertaken or the client by BAAAM

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Stillpoints is a creator and manufacturer of award-winning, high-end audio products focused on improving sound presentation through mechanical and acoustic means.

The company has been successful both at home in the USA and internationally, gaining a devoted following thanks to both the astonishing noise reduction capabilities of the products and to the stylish, minimal aesthetic which complements high-end audio components of all types.

Our work was to develop the brand, refreshing the look and feel, introducing some new takes on imagery and refining the overall experience.

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“We believed that with some ingenuity and imagination, we could substantively enhance the audible quality of recorded sound.”
Paul Wakeen | CEO
A CGI render of the Stillpoints Component Stand SS created as part of the brand development undertaken by BAAAM

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Airt Audio,

At the core of Airt’s offering is a combination of vast expertise and strong relationships forged with many exceptional specialist brands. This enables the company to operate in an educational capacity. Extolling the virtues of LTNF for example, or knowing exactly how to put some of the very best Hi-Fi combinations together. Airt offer the best advice, and instil trust in the customer as well as the retailer.

Airt’s strong relationships with people along all touch points in the supply chain would be nothing without complete trust at the core. The brands extensive knowledge, coupled with the great lengths it goes to in making sure clients are happy instills trust and confidence.

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“To me BAAAM means creativity, dedication and safe hands.”
Fraser Robertson | Director
A picture of Fraser Robertson of Airt Audio created as part of the brand development work for his company.

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Seawave Acoustic

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