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Dave Jabbie


Since 2001, Dave’s growing affinity with the creative community developed into an appetite and a talent for brand and strategy assignments. Since then, he has remained true to his original vision: ‘Your last piece of work should always be your best’.

His passion for audio is unmistakably apparent through his choice to lead the agency towards a path focused on nurturing audio brands.

With a Bachelors in Product Design Engineering, Dave possesses a clear understanding of the minds responsible for the remarkable audio brands that the agency has had the privilege of collaborating with.

Combining his expertise in strategic brand development with a profound affection for music, his ambition is for BAAAM to ascend to the position of the leading brand development agency in the realm of audio.

Peter Moore

Peter Moore


Pete’s restless, creative imagination and his enthusiasm for web design led him to join the industry in 2015. His consuming passion is in building strong relationships with our clients and creating solutions to solve their problems.

Paul Flower

Paul Flower


With typical BAAAM unconventionality, Paul began his professional life as a cartographer. He has since occupied senior agency roles in the UK and Spain. “Design is making things look great. Advertising is selling them. To me, that’s an endlessly exciting combination.”

His passion and experience with branding has lead him to work with luxury brands Alfred Dunhill and Tanner Krolle as well as the global telecomms giant Telstra in Australia to name but a few.

“Understanding a brand effectively requires building close relationships with your client and immersing yourself in their business. This initial part of the branding journey enables a greater understanding and the potential for fantastic results. This combination is intrinsic to the way I work.”

David Newman

David Newman


David prides himself on being an unconventional, creative thinker, and incredibly passionate about the work that he does.

Having been at the leading edge of the fashion and tech industry for over 20 years he has solidified long-standing relationships as far-reaching as LA, NYC, Shanghai, Berlin, Turin and Seoul. “I spent years forging relationships across the globe – I understand that empathy and respect are at the heart of every project I’m involved with. Whether this is working with the Artic Monkeys and Goldie, or hosting trade show parties with the likes of Hudson Mohawke.”

“Sound plays such a crucial part in our lives, and bringing memories and moments to life via audio with BAAAM is one of the reasons I get up in the morning. The other thing that gets me up is my daughters!”

Luke Willson

Luke Willson


Luke brings 17 years of expertise as a motion graphics artist and CGI expert, crafting compelling visual narratives for global tech giants such as ARM, AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA. In his previous role, he helped grow an agency from its inception to a powerhouse team renowned for delivering cutting-edge digital solutions, marked by a series of high-stakes projects including Corsair’s IPO and numerous high-profile launches for blue-chip companies.

Known for transforming complex ideas into stunning visual experiences, Luke has a keen understanding of modern production workflows, steering projects from conception to multi-platform realisation.

At BAAAM, he is poised to leverage his experience in motion and CGI to enhance the agency’s dynamic capabilities in 3D design. With a history of impressive growth and innovation, Luke is ready to face new challenges and drive BAAAM’s creative vision forward.

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