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BAAAM visits the UK Hi-Fi Show Live 2023

September 27, 2023 Posted in: News

The UK Hi-Fi Show Live 2023

This year we are attending The UK H-Fi Show Live at Ascot Racecourse where we’ll be joining up with Fraser and Glen from Airt Audio and with Alexander Vitus Mogensen from Vitus Audio.

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Seawave Acoustic

July 25, 2023 Posted in: News

Seawave Acoustic: To shoot or to CGI?

When it comes to capturing the essence of a brand or product a photoshoot is great. But what about when that’s not an option? Step forward CGI. the perfect solution for creating the photorealistic to the impossible.

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Agency visit to Vitus Audi in Denmark

July 25, 2023 Posted in: News

Agency Visit to Vitus Audio in Denmark

We took a trip out to Denmark this year to visit our client Vitus Audio. Until this point, everything we’d worked with them on had been done via video and phone calls, so getting out to meet the team in person was a really important thing.

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