Seawave Acoustic: To shoot or to CGI?

When it comes to capturing the essence of a brand or product a photoshoot is great. But what about when that’s not an option? Step forward CGI. the perfect solution for creating the photorealistic to the impossible.

Seawave Acoustic
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When it comes to capturing the essence of a brand or product, it’s hard to argue against a beautifully executed photoshoot. Yes, it’s a time consuming process, but when the right creative team partner with the right photographer for the product or brand, the results can be stunning.

Sometimes however, a photoshoot just isn’t an option. Whether it’s the difficulty of getting all the right people together at the same time, the ideal location not being available or for any other myriad reasons, sometimes it just cant be acheived.

Size matters

For our client Seawave Acoustic, based in South Korea, we knew it would be tricky to set up a photoshoot – but not for want of trying. Seawave make loudspeakers. Extremely high-end horn loudspeakers to be precise. The cases are milled out of solid blocks of aluminium. Perfect for the acoustics, less so when you need to move them to a location across the globe!

So we planned to travel to SK to shoot the speakers there. But then, of course, COVID made travel really tricky. When faced with a perfect storm of obstacles, we needed a different solution.

Enter CGI

We suggested they might consider the use of a CGI artist to render their products. The goal was to capture the beauty, the stature and the essence of the speakers as well as a photograph could.

Achieving photorealism is a lot easier in the age of cloud computing, but capturing the spirit of a product is a different matter. It takes a keen eye for detail, both from the creative team and from the client. Picking up on the minutia, the tiny details that define a product, even the tiniest of flaws that make it “real”, are all part of the task.

Our CGI approach

When recommend CGI when its the best approach. It could be for the reasons above or perhaps because we want to create something physically impossible or imagined.