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What is sub-branding?

When we develop a sub-brand we work closely with you to create a unique identity that’s still tied to your main brand. The aim is to produce something with a unique logo, voice, and vibe whilst retaining a sense of familiarity with the parent brand. Sub-brands often maintain cohesive colour schemes, messaging, visuals, and promotional strategies to those of the master brand.

This approach can enable your business to hone in on a specific market or even connect with a whole new audience. Whatever the goal of the work, what’s essential is that the sub-brand fits into your brand family, and part of our process involves getting under the skin of your business and your brand to make sure the work meets this essential requirement.

The pros of sub-branding

A sub-brand can be very effective for introducing a new strand to your business, especially when there is inherent trust in your company.

Take, for example, a hi-fi manufacturer that’s famed for their digital products but now wants to launch a range of analogue equipment, say, turntables. This new strand to the business offers the potential to reach an entirely new audience of vinyl enthusiasts and could well benefit from a sub-brand under which the analogue products can sit whilst benefitting from the goodwill – and the existing reach –  of the parent brand. And every time you show or talk about that new equipment, you’re also giving a little shout-out to your parent company’s brand, helping to spread the love.

A spotlight

Sometimes, it’s simply about showcasing something you feel needs more attention in your business. It might be a service that you feel could benefit from more visibility, or an aspect of your business that is so important it warrants being placed in the spotlight.

It can make something intangible, tangible. For example, perhaps you have a unique approach to retaining staff. By giving your one-of-a-kind approach a specific voice, you can own that way of working. What was once just an internally understood preferred approach  to staff retention now becomes an asset to your business and something you can talk about as a truly unique offering. Powerful stuff.