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“We introduce audio equipment to the public through our trusted partners, who in turn must be able to present our chosen products with a knowledge and passion equal to our own.”

Fraser Robertson | Director Airt Audio

The work

The brand identity is sophisticated, contemporary and premium – a direct reflection of the incredibly sophisticated brands the company deals with.

Airt Audio are educational, unconventional and aspirational – thus the brand is inclusive and accessible to its target audience of audiophiles and music lovers. Airt’s clients range from well heeled professionals to pure hobbyists. The brand’s tone of voice exudes a passion for the subject matter that appeals to both camps.

The visual identity uses beautiful, powerful photography and CGI renders which sit comfortably within inky dark backgrounds. This look permeates the website and other brand deliverables. White and a range off greys add to the colour palette.

Airt Audio
Airt Audio
Airt Audio
Airt Audio
Airt Audio Logo
LTNF logo

Airt guide and educate their audience (dealers and customers alike) in the principles, the advantages and the combination of products that can help deliver on the Lowering The Noise Floor (LTNF) promise; delivering a true representation of the recording and the artist.

The ultimate goal being for the recipient to hear and experience an honest representation of the recording.
However, it is the fact that Airt are the only distributor who bring together ALL aspects of LTNF. that ultimately sets them apart and makes the brand unique.

Everything the company does is geared towards delivering a truer musical experience. Hence the corporate line:

Where music comes first

“The whole team at BAAAM have supported, inspired and exceeded my
expectations, helping me make the right decisions throughout my journey
to success. To me BAAAM means creativity, dedication and safe hands.”

Fraser Robertson | Director