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“The AM 23 represents a milestone for Seawave Acoustic – the culmination of our design goals of 30 years, bringing together cabinet design, component manufacturing, compression horn technology, and now our very own Beryllium super tweeter. “

Bo San | CEO

The work

A series of mood boards were created to explore a striking new look for the brand both on and offline. Our initial plan was to photograph the products. However shipping costs and timings, along with the sheer weight (some weighing 150kg each) of these speakers dictated that we use CGI imagery to realise the look we were after.

Working with our specialist partner in this area, we crafted a series of images based on files supplied to us by the client. The look we created was emphatically modern – dramatically elevating the visual appeal of the brand.

The brand logo was created to reflect the horn in side view and is also used as a standalone device when necessary.

Seawave Acoustic Logo

Horns were originally introduced in the last century for use in large venues where the emphasis was on power rather than finesse. Seawave Acoustic’s game-changing contribution has been to. re-engineer the horn configuration and then, through innovative electronics, to add a great degree of subtlety, precision and authenticity to the sound it produces.

The result is a classic example of ‘the best of both worlds’.

This achievement has been captured with a strapline that expresses the central Seawave Acoustic USP but does so in a way that isn’t over-literal and that suggests a broad philosophy applicable to all. aspects of Seawave Acoustic’s repertoire, present and future.

The benefit of our brand proposition has been summed up in our strapline as follows:

Power • Purity • Precision

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Paul and the team at BAAAM. The rebranding they provided us with exceeded expectations.”

Justin Lewins | Founder JSL ALPAC