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Ask the CEO of Vitus Audio, Hans-Ole, to sum up his company’s ethos and he simply says, ‘We put technology at the service of the music.’

The work

Such products are not subject to the need for superficial change. Their makers fiercely defend the integrity of what they have spent decades perfecting.

This is not to say that Vitus Audio equipment is frozen in the past. If and when the company makes a genuine improvement, perhaps as the result of a suggestion by a discerning client, then that refinement will be carefully introduced into their product specifications.

The point is, Vitus will never pursue change for its own sake. The company is above fickle fashion, the headlong rush to grab the headlines in the specialist press. Its products leapfrog Time itself. Vitus’ only aim is, and always has been, to pursue the Holy Grail of perfect sound reproduction, to the ultimate glory of great music.

Out of this fundamental fact we created the company’s Unique Selling Proposition, and subsequently its corporate line:

Forever now

Perhaps this philosophy is best expressed by an advertisement we created for the brand:

‘The day Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart sounds dated, so will your Vitus Audio equipment.’

We have interpreted the ‘Vitus Audio vision’ and applied it across their communications: their presence on the web and on social media, their brochures, their advertising and a brand manual that specifies the use of type fonts, colour palettes, photography and design architecture. All of this helps initiate the dealer into the Vitus Audio family.

Our work on their behalf, they tell us, captures and communicates the Vitus Audio ethos and confirms their place as a giant in the world of sound equipment.

Vitus Audio Forever Now logo

Although a trained electronics engineer, Hans-Ole has never lost sight of the primary purpose of audio equipment – namely to create the most natural and faithful reproduction of a musical performance that technology allows.